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Education is investment in the genius of the human mind and the return on this investment multiplies exponentially when it fosters great ideas full of opportunities to explore and discover.
Aspire Now is a premium training academy providing education services to learners at different levels. We teach subjects to learners right from class Xth/XIth/XIIth up to post graduation, we prepare them for entrance tests for graduate courses, post graduate courses and also teach professional courses to working professionals and those who want to enter professional fields. Our courses are tailor made to suit the learners’ needs and the able guidance of our faculty not only helps them in achieving the desired academic results but also prepares the learners by building their skill set and attitudes to face the challenges of a competitive global community.
What makes Aspire Now your preferred choice?
Experienced faculty Our team of faculty is not only well qualified but also has the necessary experience in their respective areas.
Mentoring With concept clarity, learners also need to be mentored on how to handle their subject, its practical applications and how to make the right career choice. The team at Aspire Now is well adept at it and takes it as a part of its job.
Industry exposure For learners pursuing a professional course, it is important to get a glimpse of the real time state of affairs of the industry they plan to join. Reputed professionals from the industry are invited to take lectures on important topics and also apprise the learners of the latest developments in the industry.
Flexible course duration The duration of the courses vary from three months to ten months. The courses are taught as per the demands of the subjects and the time availability of the learners.
Customised courses as per industry needs The professional courses offered at Aspire Now are customized and are regularly updated as per the job requirements in the industry.
Good infrastructure All efforts at effective teaching may go in vain in the absence of a good infrastructure. Aspire Now ensures a hassle free learning process replete with good infrastructure.
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The vision of Aspire Now is to create a learning society and bridge the gap between what is taught in classrooms or what is written in books and what is perceived and internalized by the learners. Aspire Now wish to be a support system that the learners can firmly place their trust in and in return learn things in a simple and logical manner that can demystify the complexities of their academic courses.
We aim to add and furnish what is missing in the normal course of learning for the learners by providing supplemental knowledge in a conducive learning environment. With effective and efficient teaching we aim to help the learners in achieving academic results by developing their potential without limiting the boundaries of their mind in the opportunities that education offers.
We aim to empower our learners with requisite knowledge and skills that will enable them to find their individual niche in tomorrow’s world.

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