CFA Program
Financial Modeling
Technical Analysis

1. Excel and advanced Excel :
This module includes the excel functions as used by analyst.It also covers Graphs and charts used by research analysts.
2. Financial Statement Analysis :
It covers topics such as understanding of financial statements, vertical analysis,horizontal analysis,Ratio Analysis, Cash flows etc.
3. Macro Economics :
Impact of macroeconomic variables Such as GDP, Inflation, Currency movements,IIP,Trade data etc on Equity markets.
4. Equity Valuations :
Valuations are used in investment analysis,Capital budgeting,M&A transacxtions,financial reporting.We will be doing valuations using two methods a)DCF model b) Relative valuation.
5. Financial Modeling :
It entails forecasting future financial statements like Income statements,Balance sheet,Cash flows.We will apply this methodology on a LIVE Company for analysis.
6.Equity Research Report Writing Techniques.
7. Equity Research & Finance Interview Preparation.
8. Case Study.

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